About Life Aspirations

Our Mission

Life Aspirations was established in Ballarat as a counselling practice. We provide counselling services and clinical psychology  treatment, to assist our clients to overcome challenging times, through our experience in providing appropriate assessment and support.

Our Clients

At Life Aspirations, our clients are adults from Ballarat and surrounding areas.

We deliver counselling services through

  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
  • Mental Health Treatment Plans (MHTP) including DVA card holders

  • Work Cover  or TAC

  • Private Clients.

Our support

> Assessment

At Life Aspirations, our qualified clinical psychologist gathers information either informally through observation and interview, or formally through using clinical assessment interview and standardised tests as required.  The purpose of assessment, within a wide context, is to understand your thoughts and feelings, patterns of behaviours, personality and capabilities.

> Formulation and diagnosis

Formulation is the way in which we make sense of your difficulties within your life. We do this collaboratively with you, to create personal meaning and understanding of how your problem has developed over time.

> Evidence based treatments

We keep up to date with a range of evidence-based treatments. This means that we are able to use treatments that have proven to be effective. Different problems require different treatments, which can include psycho-education, and skill development, to increase coping skills and reduce symptoms.

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