Telehealth psychology treatment sessions are available until March 31, 2021, under direction of the Australian Government. This means that you have three choices for each session: video consultation; phone call; or face to face, if you are well. Please call Leanne to discuss your preference and to make an appointment.

Ballarat Counselling and Clinical Psychology

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Ballarat Counselling and Clinical Psychology

Life Aspirations – Ballarat Counselling and Clinical Psychology offers caring and confidential counselling to adults across a range of concerns. We utilise a clientcentred approach and work collaboratively with you, to enhance quality of life and wellbeing. Life Aspirations – Ballarat Counselling and Clinical Psychology provides reliable, respectful, and empowering counselling and psychological treatments, with a focus on quality care, and service to the client.  Using clinical knowledge and skills, psychological assessment, measurement and intervention strategies are used in collaboration with you to achieve your goals.

Established in Ballarat in 2009 as a counselling practice, we provide counselling services to assist our clients to overcome challenging times, through our experience in providing appropriate assessment and support.

Life Aspirations – Ballarat Counselling and Clinical Psychology provides experienced counselling in Ballarat for  adults regarding:

  • Anxiety, Trauma, Stress

  • Employee Assistance Programs

  • Work cover

  • Clinical Supervision

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We offer a compassionate counselling approach for courageous adults in Ballarat region, wanting to explore and better understand their emotional discomfort. Here at Life Aspirations we can assist you to move toward new possibilities and ways of being, to empower you to live life on your terms.

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